I love that we live in an imperfect world. In some weird way it’s our imperfections that inspire me most.

Jacqueline Malcolm

I was born in Northampton, England to Jamaican-born parents and 3 older sisters. Mum actually wanted a boy so when I popped out and she saw she had another girl she stopped trying! We were quite poor in material things but astoundingly rich in love. Our parents stopped at nothing to make sure they could give us a good chance in life and they started with our imagination. Hours were spent reading books in our home. Either reading alone or reading to each other and this developed our sense of fantasy and adventure.

childhood photo

I would use two chairs and a sheet as a stage and my dolls would play the leading roles of my vivid imagination.

My life has been pretty normal. Like so many others, I attended school, went to college to study Business Administration, went to church and got a job. But underlying everything was my love for the stage. To be part of creating the magic of sharing a story through lights, costumes, action. For almost eleven years two of my sisters and I along with a close friend would travel the world performing and hopefully inspiring. But I didn’t actually train until I took a career break when I was 32 years old and studied acting in New York and London. Not with the aim of becoming the next Oscar winning lead performer, but simply to get a better understanding of what makes a good script and what actors need to find in the pages so they can make my characters live.

trade reading photo

Theater is my passion – I love writing scripts and getting like-minded people to help create a little magic.

So what matters to me? First and foremost: my family. They’re my rock. I adore them. Enough said. My friends; that they’re living their dreams. And then we have the entire human race. We’re all on this planet together, sometimes up, sometimes down and I would love to know that at the end of my days my legacy will be that I helped as many people as I could along the way, inspired them to live regardless of their present circumstances and that I might create a little bit of magic in someone’s day.